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For years, Park Mechanical Service has dedicated its energy into hiring the best cross-trained technicians to help build, repair, and maintain every aspect of equipment. ” Providing quality service with integrity is our mission”, as well as building/maintaining relationships with clients.  

Our specialized team of professionals offer both HVAC and refrigeration installation as well as repair. Park Mechanical Service can functionally handle any maintenance with your HVAC and refrigeration systems.Our factory-trained service technicians provide our customers with on-site equipment repair (including factory-authorized warranty service for many manufacturers) with as little disturbance to their daily operation as possible, for hot side, cold side, and HVAC equipment. Our team always strives for a “first-time fix” so you can minimize your downtime.
Maintenance programs do more than extend the life of your equipment, they give you and your staff peace of mind. With maintenance and repairs through Park Mechanical Service, you can reduce unplanned downtime and rest assured that your machines will work for years to come.  Our technicians who service your critical equipment are expertly trained to complete repairs quickly and efficiently. If you have any questions we are available anytime give us a call. We want you to be comfortable throughout your entire experience with us.
In the food industry, your business is truly only as good as the last meal you served. That’s why it’s so important for your cooking and refrigeration equipment to always bring its ‘A’ game. Park Mechanical Services truly excels in offering excellent commercial cooking and refrigeration service at a fair price. Our highly trained technicians are familiar with all leading brands of equipment and have substantial experience in commercial kitchens of all types and sizes.
To help keep you and those around you healthy, Park Mechanical Services is proud to offer Clean Air Service for your business and home! Park Mechanical Services can install an Active-Continuous Air Purification System that destroys VOCs (volatile organic compounds), odors, bacteria and viruses, and increases the effectiveness of your air filtration system. Additionally, Park Mechanical Services will thoroughly clean and sanitize your system’s coils and condensate components for the cleanest, freshest and safest air possible… reducing pollutants by up to 99%!!!

Keep your HVAC System Running Efficiently

Keep your HVAC System
Running Efficiently

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule service today.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed. Schedule
service today.